How to Personalize your Wedding

With all of the social media pictures it is hard to differentiate yourself from all of the weddings out there. What to choose for your day and why is it important to you should be the top of your list. Just because your sister or friend had it in their wedding doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Here are a couple simple ways you can personalize your own day with some ideas for cost effective alternatives.

1. Write your own vows:

Take your vows to a new level and make it a backdrop for your ceremony. Instead of writing them down think outside the box and make a display for all to see. With beautiful calligraphy or handwrite these would be a one of a kind display you can then place in your home after the wedding. What a great reminder for each other that shines a light on why you chose to be married in the first place! Cant everyone benefit from a pretty simple reminder?

Photo by Catrina Earls Photography

2. Create a menu card they won't forget:

Paper ones are beautiful, but think about your overall look and feel. Not only will a napkin be useful it can be a piece of artwork that will get your guests talking.

Some of you might say well "having menus at each place setting can get expensive." Yes it can, so another alternative would be to place one at each table. Or place one large sign at the entry way or at cocktail hour for guests to view like this picture below. People like to think about what they will be eating before they go in a line or wait to be served. Some may have filled out the response card so long ago they don't remember what they chose.

Photos by Catrina Earls Photography

3. Memorable Food: Find a way to let guests experience a fun food station:

This fun fondue station made a great way for guests to try something new and the display was also outside the box compared to a normal 8ft table set up.

Have a dessert station that shows off your style. Not everyone (including the couple enjoys cake), I know I said it! You don't have to have a wedding cake, you can do other things.

What is your favorite thing for sweets? Maybe it is not sweets. I had a groom that loved coffee, so we brought in a coffee cart so he could enjoy his espresso! And guests loved it!

Photos by Catrina Earls Photography, Roots Catering

4. Find a way to include family past or present:

Not all members of your family can be at your event, so make sure you remember them on your special day. I love to incorporate items that were passed down or making new things you will cherish together.

Photo by Dianne Personett Photography

Maybe you are blending families. Incorporate something the whole family can do together, like this sand mixing during your ceremony.

photo by Carolina Portrait Design

5. Let your cake stand out:

Make your cake a decor piece. This is another item that can be a centerpiece if you have extra space or a blank wall. Dessert and decor make a 2 for 1 item which always helps your budget.

photo by Catrina Earls Photography, Cake by Skys the Limit

Why do a simple cake when you can do a theme cake? Maybe you want to keep the theme cake for the grooms cake, but this couple had a whole breakfast theme and this pancake cake went perfectly.

Photo by In His Image, Cake by B'ZZZ cakes

Whatever you choose just make sure it fits the style and theme of your wedding. Have fun making a list of ideas! You never know if it could work until you try!

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