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Easton's Baby Adventure Shower

Stephanie- the other half of HCWD {my mom} and Katie {my sister} threw me a beautiful baby shower full of adventure. It was the cutest theme I had to share these fun pictures and ideas! Feel free to steal for your next event! Or you can hire us and we can bring it all to you worry free! :) Check out some of the pictures and tips/tricks on how to personalize your next event from the pros!

Letter boards are a great way to make signs and then also for showing off the babies age or school days after the party is over. Guests had a chance to pick their own favorite trail mix for their personal favor!

Just take a look at this cute Tee Pee decorated with feathers & flowers with fun pillows and fur rug for a great backdrop!

The onesies that decorated the mantle were also a great gift to take home. This is an easy way to add color and some height to the room.

It is always great to have signage for your food, speaking from experience {with a mom with allergies} this can make all the difference for your guests. They had cute wood stumps and just printed out on brown paper the names of the food- some had some cute catchy names to match the theme!

They tied some of the food into the adventure/wood theme with acorn donuts, cowboy bark and dipped pretzel sticks to look like birch trees.

Going for a more personal event? Try using the baby initials or full name in the decor. It's a great way to decorate then also a gift for them after the shower to use in their nursery.

Heidi and Stephanie

And of course don't forget the best gift of all the pre-written addresses from all of the guests with stamps for easy and fast thank you notes for all of the gifts. This is like gold people- do this for your guest of honor- IT IS AN AMAZING IDEA feel free to steal! I still believe in a great hand written thank you note- anyone else with me?!


Invitations- from Zazzle

Decor - Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Amazon


cowboy bark- Trader Joes

dipped pineapple- Costco

Cookies- Carolina Confection

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