Rainy Days

So it's your wedding day and it looks like rain, now what. Unfortunately you need to make sure you have a rain plan/snow/hurricane before the week of your wedding, you just never know what you will get with mother nature. Even if your event is inside, did you plan on doing pictures outside? These are questions you do need to worry about for your big day and be on the same page as your photographer and videographer. But what no one tells you is how beautiful those pictures can turn out. It may not be ideal, but try and go with it because they can truly be the most beautiful ones of the day!

Hurricane Matthew- turned out pretty amazing when the staff of the Ritz and groomsmen did an umbrella line for the bride and groom~ Photo by Lauren Rosenau Photography

Massive amount of rain happened all weekend, which made the outdoor ceremony happen inside and made for very romantic pictures with outdoor lighting and umbrellas ~ Photo by Grace Hill Photography

A snow storm came in during their Valentine's Wedding, thankfully we came prepared with her red cape and she really wanted the snow, so we made sure to take advantage outside with some fun pictures. Just make sure your photographer is on board and is able to take these outdoor pictures if this kind of weather is a possibility ~ Photo by Christi Falls Photography

So what ever the weather maybe make sure to speak with your planner and have a rain plan or Plan B in place! Because that is the one thing no one can control so you better be ready! Just know your planner can't put up a tent the day of the wedding, so if it looks like rain you better install it that week just in case! These are the things you can speak with your wedding professionals about so you don't ruin your hair/dress and all your guests enjoy your day as well!!

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