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When to hire a planner

You are engaged and so excited to begin all the planning. You have your notebook and Pinterest boards ready to go. Then work needs you to travel, you have a new work out routine and diet to look good in your dress, then before you know it 6 months have gone by and you have done nothing for the wedding. This is where you begin to panic and feel stressed and overwhelmed. So you want to do it all, we understand. I think planners get a bad wrap because as a bride you think we are taking the planning and ideas away from you. That is just the opposite. We are there to steer you in the right direction and lead you to good choices that in the end will save you money and time. So we ask, what is your time worth?

Here are three things to help you decide if you need some professional help.

1. You aren't getting any of your work done at the office because you are wedding planning instead.

2. You are at odds with your family and finance about every detail ( you have no middle man without an agenda )

3. You are off budget, or don't know where to start with one. *Money will always be a stress factor in a wedding

If you said yes to any of those then you need some advice from a professional. Most brides have not planned an event of this size. It takes a lot of detail, time and patience. Which in turn is a full time job. You have to organize at least 10 vendors and keep them all in the loop about the details, which can make you go insane! No wonder people say you acting like bridezilla. Well we want to make sure none of your guests/friends/family ever say that. Because you can turn all of their questions, doubts, and favors to us~! Whatever you budget is you should be hiring a planner that is 10% of your budget. The more you spend the more complicated the day usually is, so if you want a small & simple wedding, then the money may just go to a coordinator. But if you have the budget for a huge wedding, then you need to hire a FULL planner to work through all of your details and guest count. Full time planners are there to help guests and vendors know where to go and where to be at what time. Speaking of time- we make sure the wedding is on time and that your guests are being taken care of, as well as the most important people of the day the bridal party. It's a long day and we want to help make it all go smoothly and that you turn out like this bride- HAPPY !

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