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Bride Bling

Lots of Valentine's Engagements were underway this past weekend and that means showing off some bling to everyone you know! Well if you are looking to keep that ring super sparkly HCWD has a couple ideas on how to make sure it sparkles for each encounter to show off your fiancés good work!

If you are like me I never take mine off so it gets dirty very quickly. I like to use this ring cleaner when I have some spare time to drop it in and let it soak. I also like to use my old tooth brush with a small bristle brush to get underneath it all for when I like to keep them on 24/7. Don't get into my bad habits of not taking it off and wearing it while cleaning or working out at the gym.

See some before and after pics and other tips below to make sure you have this beauty for my years to come!

Before- foggy!

After- So shinny!

After - So shinny!

I really like this inexpensive jewelry cleaner- I have found it works great on lots of gems and stones too!

This is where an old tooth brush comes in handy. Especially an electric one that cleans for you with a small bristle to get into the tiny grooves.

Great for Touch Ups! Just clean and rinse off with water!

So whether you have some time to dedicate to your ring once a week/month to soak it, or just a quick minute both of these Connoisseur products work great when you do not have time to run to the jeweler for a intense clean & polish. Of course some warm water and dishwashing soap, and some say Windex would also do the trick. I know your fiancé would appreciate you taking good care of your ring too. Some are family heirlooms so make sure to take extra care when cleaning vintage rings as well.

Also get it checked out every year if possible to ensure all of the prongs are secured so no stones will fall out. Check out this link for more info on how to get an appraisal from Tesoro Boston (the same jeweler where my engagement ring came from). Nothing would make you more upset than loosing it and not being able to get another one for awhile!

We hope these tips help you and enjoy your engagement it will fly by!!

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