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Wedding Hashtags

We know you have lots to do but stressing over a wedding hashtag shouldn't be one of them! Here are a couple of tips & places to generate your own creative name together for the big day! We know all of your friends know what a hashtag is but incase you need a re-fresher here is a great explination= hashtag

A number of weddings are including their guests into the fun of social media by creating a one of a kind hashtag to view all of their photos from their great moments throughout the day or even wedding weekend.

We found these two great websites to be able to find your hashtags!

Wedding Wire: The same great site where you can find vendors and see their reviews you can see how to best match your names together from a number of different options!

Pastbook: Let's you generate a name and after the wedding put all of the pictures from that hashtag into a photo book!

A couple extra tips~

*Whatever you choose just make sure you make it easy for your guests to remember and easy to misspell.

*Using your wedding date or year makes your hashtag stand apart.

*Oh and don't forget to check it before you finalize anything on paper to make sure you don't duplicate it with another event.

Happy Sharing~!

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