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After having my first child I finally realized all of the time and effort babies take. So I am getting around to posting something about kids being included in a wedding. I have done a number of weddings with kids and have seen the positive sides of having kids involved and I have seen the negative sides as well. Having kids in your wedding can be so fun and special. But it can also cause a lot of stress on the bride and parents. Here are some helpful tips to plan ahead of time to make sure the day runs smooth not just for you but for the little ones.

Bring Snacks- Offering things that are stainfree- Grapes, crackers, gummys, or cheese sticks are smart way to keep them from melting down. A hungry child is not one that will listen or be in a fun mood!

Have a Sitter- Are the parents in the bridal party? Then they will be busy running around doing pictures and cant really focus 100% of their attention. Maybe a grandparent or friend that they know and trust can help, we dont suggest a babysitter if they are really young because they dont feel comfortable with them yet. I have seen so many kids just want mom or dad and getting a babysittier might be a waste, so use someone in the family or a regualr nanny they are used to that can help. That way they can take them away at the end of the night as well so you can have some adult time.

Timing- Make sure when you are telling the bridal party what time to arrive make sure that you wait until the last moment for the children to arrive. There is a lot of waiting around before the ceremony begins or during pictures. If they have to be there all day then make sure they have some activities or toys for them as they wait.

Bribery- Well you could call it giving thanks but we can all say sometimes you get desperate and bribery will work. Give the kids a gift the day of the wedding. It gives them something to open and look forward to and even play with. By rewarding them with good behavior either at the end of the aisle or before they walk down, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do and that's ok to get those perfect pictures and moments!

Clothing- Kids grow fast- so when planning their attire make sure to get with their parents about sizing if you are getting their clothing. Kids need to be comfortable, but you can throw in some cuteness with that! Bring extra clothes for them to change into that are just as formal but something they are familiar with wearing or atleast comfortable shoes.

By planning ahead these tips can definitly help with the unwanted stress and make your day run smooth!

Photo Credit- CarterElite and Lauren Friday Photography

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