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To Post or Not to Post Your Wedding

So are you huge on social media or do you fight it. These days you either embrace social media hashtags and pictures of you that instantly come up, or you aren't. The new trend at weddings is to have either. Check out some ways to make your day special.


Here are some tips if you want to share your day:

1. Use a Hashtag that is creative, and include both names. Share it on a board, program, or menu so your guests can find it and use it- so you all can see them!

2. There are awesome apps where you can share your photos with guests besides Facebook or Instagram. Check out Appy Couple, Wedpics, WeddingParty Wedding Snap and Eversnap.

3. You can also purchase a polaroid camera or have a photo booth so your guests can take these pictures with them as a favor. Place your hashtag on them!

4. Make a head cut out board for people to take pictures with. You can print your names/hashtags on them and pass it around all night! (these were taking from a vendor networking event!)


Here are some tips if you don't want to share your day:

1. Put it down and share on paper at the wedding. By telling your guests politely that you prefer to leave their phone in their purse or car during the ceremony here are some fun ideas on how to say it nicely~

*"Love birds may Tweet, but let's keep the moment between us. Please no posting during the ceremony. "

*"Welcome guests, we invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ceremony. We kindly ask you to please turn off all cameras and phones during the ceremony. We will gladly share our professional photos with you."

*"Welcome to our unplugged wedding, we invite you to be fully present with us during the ceremony. Please turn off all cell phones and cameras! Thank you"

*"Love is sweet, the wedding is quick, stay in the moment, so we can take your pic. We request no photos to be taken during the ceremony. Thank you from the Bride and Grooms photographer"

*"We really want to see your faces, not your devices. Please put away your phones and cameras until after the first dance. Plus our photographer is awesome and likes to share."

2. Also just sharing it around with your friends and family by word of mouth or on your website. We encourage you not to print it on your invitation.

3. If you see someone with a phone or camera out- don't freak out! Tell your wedding planner and they can help make sure your wishes are granted! :)

Pinterest has some great ideas for signage and fun ways to incorporate either way you choose!

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