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From the Grooms Perspective

Did you ever ask the groom what he wanted? Well now most brides just plan everything on their own and some grooms want to be involved and some well just don't. That doesn't make him a bad guy it may just not be his thing. Here are some quick tips to help HIM get through your next engagement year!

TIP ONE- If you want your groom to be more involved pick a couple of things for him to be in charge of: For example, the DJ/Band, Transportation or get away cars, or even helping finalize rehearsal dinner places to host. Make sure to invite him to the food and cake tastings those are always fun and somewhat painless meetings. Ask around to your friends or check out their reviews. Personal referals are great but also listen to your other wedding vendors, they have worked first hand with these people and know how they work on the wedding day! Going to local bridal shows are a great way to get them involved and to have fun together. They usually have contests and prize giveaways not only for the bride but the groom too!


TIP TWO- don't always talk about the wedding! Make sure to have other topics for dinner conversation- sometimes they dont want to hear all about it, even though you think they do. That way he wont be overwhelmed and "Hate" on the wedding because that is all they hear about. The last thing both of you needs to say is "I just want it to be over". We want you to enjoy your engagement and days leading up to the wedding, not dreading it.

TIP THREE- have fun together and make sure to not stress out about the little details- that is what your wedding planner is for :) A couple of grooms have hired me as a gift for their fiance because they knew it would put them at ease!

So when thinking about your future- make sure you are both on the same track this will only make your relationship stronger!

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