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No Kids at my Wedding

This topic is so hard to discuss, because well who doesn't love their kids. But when it comes to your wedding you may think differently. Here are a couple of ways to nicely say "no kids" without hurting anyones feelings.

First address your invitations correctly:

1. Outer Envelopes:

Don't use the word "and family" on the envelopes address them to who is actually invited.

2. On the RSVP card you could include: "___ adult seats have been reserved in your honor" and you fill in the blank.

3. If anyone lists their kid on the RSVP you'll have to call them back and explain the invitation was only meant for them.

4. Place on your wedding website that you prefer this wedding is an adult only wedding or share it with your family/friends.

On a seperate information card:

1. "Adult only reception to follow"

2. "Due to budget constraints, we are unable to cater to anyone under the age of 12."

3. "While we love the little ones, this is an adult only affair"

4. " We would love for your children to attend the ceremony, however, the reception will be an adult affair. We would love to help you arrange childcare."

Just like etiquette says don't put your registry on your invitation try and go without being too forward with this touchy subject regarding their little ones!

Photo Credit- Old South Studios

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