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"Why Budget A Wedding Planner In Your Wedding"

Do you want that perfect day? Well having the perfect dress and venue, photographer is at the top of your list. So should a wedding planner. If you look at every local and national wedding publication you see almost 80% of every wedding published has a wedding planner in that category. Brides are looking at these articles and Pinterest to find their wedding inspiration but aren’t actually getting the correct help.

We understand you want to do it yourself, but what happens when you don’t have the resources like we do or the extra time. Most of you have a full time job and no experience in planning a wedding. We make a living by helping people plan, produce and organize events and WE LOVE IT! This is our passion to help people when they are stressed and help your event go smooth, not only for you but for your whole bridal party, guests and vendors involved. By having a person on your side we can make sure you are getting what you paid for, making sure everyone is bothering us with questions (not you) and fixing the mistakes (*yes they do happen, you just don’t need to know about them).

ADVICE: So make sure when you are putting together your wedding budget to include at least a day of coordinator. Not your friend, family member or think the church/venue site person will help. The family members and friends helping should be with you, not running around while they just got their hair and makeup done. Do you want to tell your mom or best friend that you don’t like what they chose? Having to be a Bridezilla isn’t at the top of the leader board for most brides to be. And don’t get us wrong, we love a good church coordinator or venue site staff, we love helping them and working together with them. But they don’t meet with you beforehand to pick out your linens, go dress shopping, or work on your timeline or floor plan or respond to your emails about stationery and song choices. It is the little details especially near the end of the process where you say “Wow this is so much more stressful than we thought”.

We try and give you our professional unbiased opinion for things that have worked in the past that we have seen, and of course we make sure it works with your personality. So you can have your special one of a kind event! So before it is too late- think about having a person on your team that can be your personal assistant! We want to make sure you remember the great things about your wedding, not the ones you wished you did.

Photo Credit- Ann's Photography

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