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Whose Invited?

The Guest List may be your biggest stress factor. It can change you from having a fancy sit down dinner to heavy appetizers just because more people = more cost. More tables, linen, flowers, cake, programs, invites and the list goes on. So how do you choose without starting World War 3 with your families?!

Here are a couple tips to find a great way to making the cut a little easier:

Relatives: How do you cut out family? Well how close are you, do you see them every 5 years or every holiday. Of course if you have the room they all will be invited but if not how do you pick? Well if you pick one from that side you have to go with all of them, or none at all.

Friends: Were you friends since grade school but maybe haven’t spoken since college? It’s easy to think they need to be invited but they don’t have to be either. The key question for friends is- when is the last time you spoke? Maybe keep them on the B list until you find out a number of the A list people aren’t able to attend.

Co-Workers: The same rule applies with co-workers, invite them all or none at all. Otherwise you will offend them and it will be aqward when you get back from your honeymoon and talk about it in front of them. Are you close with your boss? Would you want them seeing you have a dance off with your college girls? Of course telling them you have a limit budget and venue doesn’t have the space for a big wedding. Maybe think about having a small party and invite them all to celebrate before or after the wedding.

If you can’t decide in the end just make sure you have the people you love and care about surrounding you even if that is only 20 or 200. Make sure they will be the ones speaking with you for years to come after your wedding and supporting your marriage!

Photo Credit: Jen + Chris Photography

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