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Rent a Dress

Have you heard the latest craze in Weddings… Renting Dresses. Not only can you rent a dress for your special event or even your wedding. There are two great places who have really shown that by renting you are getting a dress that really no one has seen before in a dresser name with 1/3 of the cost. So here are some pros for why to Rent the Runway and Vow to be Chic for your bridesmaids

Pros for Rent the Runway:

  1. High End Designer dresses

  2. Tons of styles to choose from- all categorized

  3. Some even come with a pro- where you can pay a small yearly fee and get discounts on shipping and insurance

  4. Real pictures from real women to see what it actually looks like on (not just a model)

  5. Real comments and reviews to tell you exactly what to go for depending on your figure

  6. You wont match your other friends, more than likely you wont wear the same dress

  7. They have stylists who help you pick it out and put finishing touches to it with accessories

  8. You get the dress in two sizes if it is available on your weekend

  9. If you don’t like it you can get another dress sent back to you before your event

  10. You don’t have to pay for dry cleaning

  11. Mailing it back- they give you a pre-paid envelope all you have to do is drop it off within next day or so

  12. Reviewing it is a great way to show others how you wore it, it’s easy to upload pictures and review

  13. Tell your friends about it and if they get an account and rent you can get credit towards your next dress

  14. When it arrives it is a beautiful box to your door with a hanging bag (that you can keep), the presentation is great!

  15. They have a great app to use on the go

  16. You can put your favorites in files for each event

  17. You can filter through color, size, silhouette, and for the weekend you need it. Making it easier to search

Its not all about the Bride- but when it comes to being the bridesmaid- there is another great place to get a Rental Dress! Its called Vow to be Chic . It is basically the same thing as Rent the Runway but meant for more bridesmaid dresses.

Pros at Vow to be Chic

1. They vow to save you time, energy and money

2. Guys rent the tux and suits for weddings, why are the ladies?!

3. Dresses start at $95, most purchased dresses are around $200. Which lets face it you don’t ever wear those bridesmaid dresses again!

4. Submit your measurements and try it on at home. So you don’t have to see the friend in size 2 girl in the dressing room next to you.

5. They send you two sizes of the dress two months before the wedding. So you have time to change if you need to. Pick your size and ship it back

6. Then the week of the wedding the dress comes back in your size!

7. Easy to send back and they dry clean for you.

8. Joining is simple, so check them out!

Good luck shopping!

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