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Out With the Drab, In With the Swag

As I have finally come off of my January 2014 Bridal Showcase high, I firmly believe that I’ve got it together enough to express my thoughts in an orderly manner, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

2013 was chock full of some very prominent, overused wedding trends. Burlap, anyone? Can I get a mason jar? Thankfully, those ships seem to be leaving the wedding swag dock. Taking with them (hopefully) are Pinterest/DIY weddings.

I personally have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I get so excited when I am pinning away, seeing all the possibilities even a simple coffee mug has to offer (personal microwave cake, cupcake, mug turned decorative vase, hat, potted plant holder, dog bowl etc..). 6 hours, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, and two numb butt cheeks later, I’ve decided to completely redo my bedroom, turn all of my button ups into cute little dresses, make cake pops that look like Minions from Despicable Me, make home made coconut milk, and wash every surface in my house with an organic cleaner I found a recipe for. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Imagine your wedding planning being that hectic. Talk about idea over load, not to mention a potential mini meltdown prenuptials.

This year, we are seeing some radical changes in the wedding industry when it comes to color schemes, décor, entertainment, and themes. I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Rosenau from Lauren Rosenau Photography a few weeks ago at a networking event hosted by Queen City Catering then again at The Bridal Showcase on January 26th. I deliriously strolled by her booth Saturday evening when our vendors were setting up for the show on Sunday and stopped dead in my tracks. It was literally what I’ve always imagined my house would look like inside, if I had the time, patience and dedication to actually pull the trigger on setting a concrete style. Oddly enough, Lauren won 1st place for the Best Booth and the best part is that she was so focused on repping her company to the 3000+ brides and their family members, she didn’t even realize there was a competition!

Lauren was also nice enough, along with Karen Greenoe from Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding and Event Design, to lend me their opinion on what they are already seeing as current trends for 2014.

Wedding day décor is how the bride and groom are able to display their style for all the guests to see. It can be like a show of sorts, people don’t go to weddings just to celebrate the nuptials these days, it has turned into an entire event. Karen Greenoe from Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding and Event Design has already seen some amazingly beautiful and unique trends this year. Going along with what Mrs. Rosenau has seen thus far, Karen is predicting romance. And I don’t just mean the love between the bride and groom. We are talking luxuriant, rich textures and those soft, natural colors. Think of a beautiful garden, overflowing with peonies, sprinkled with Queen Ann’s lace, and blossoming with sweetheart roses all in spectacular colors that only nature can produce.

In regards to containers and other table swag, the wedding industry refuses to shake vintage elegance. Mrs. Greenoe is seeing vases and containers in soft gold’s, and more recently, Mercury glass. To be honest, I had no idea what Mercury glass was, until I was bopping through Clarks Antiques in Plaza Midwood and saw these radiant, silver-like, almost chipped looking flower vases and perfume bottles displayed on a ceramic tray. Cut to me grabbing the entire lot, and negotiating what I like to think was a deal with the sweet man that always sits at the desk as you walk in, and bam, I’ve started a new obsession.

I came across this photo on Sparkle & Hay Wedding Blog

Both of these wonderful ladies agree that the soft, neutral pallets of blush, champagne and ivory are here to stay. While the neutral, romantic, softness of these trends are all well and good, I’m a color girl. Don’t get me wrong; I love blush and champagne (and I don’t just mean the colors) as much as the next girl, but I love a pop of color. I nearly jumped out of my seat with excitement when I read Karen’s prophecy on what she called “50 shades of purple”. If you’re like me, I think orchids are one of the most beautiful, elegant yet simple products of nature. My favorite of all time has to be the purple phalaenopsis orchids. Don’t be fooled. Up until Karen informed me the scientific name of these beauties (I Googled it right away, not going to lie), I knew them strictly as “those awesome purple orchids”. Not exactly scientific but you all would’ve known what I was referring to. Karen recommends incorporating the PPO (Purple phalaenopsis orchids) with softer, deeper shades of purple and boom, instant elegance.


I am fairly certain that more trends will come about as we venture into the summer wedding season and I cannot wait to see what 2014 will hold!

YOU MUST check out Lily Greenthumb’s at

And Lauren’s website at

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