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Destination Wedding?…

During your engagement you go through a lot of choices.. the wedding date and time of year, the place to host it and have you ever thought well it would just be so nice to get away and not have a big wedding at home? Well lots of couples are thinking this is a great idea, with all of the fun places to go for your honeymoon why not start it early! We have some great tips if you are thinking to be married abroad and not be overwhelmed with where to start.

CAREFREE BRIDE= This is for the couples who are carefree. You have to be ok with things not always going as planned as this happens with every wedding but it is different when you may not be familiar with a certain location or be in a different country.

MORE TIME= Get a few days with your guests not a few hours. Everyone can have a min-vacation. Make sure to leave a couple days before the wedding to ensure flights can get you there before the wedding and to have time to relax if there is a time change especially.

NO DRESS UP= This is usually a casual affair, you need to be ok with ditching the heels. Most destination weddings have more light weight fabrics and short dresses for girls, less ties and more flip flops. Or no shoes at all! Less is more in the warmer climates.

FAST HONEYMOON= Start your honeymoon ASAP! You don’t have to travel anywhere- except maybe to another hotel away from family and friends or a new room! No waiting on your flight change or delay or traveling to and from the airport. INSTANT GRATIFICATION for the new Mr. and Mrs.~

SMALL GUEST LIST= Cut your guest list in half. Of course most people may not be able to go and get off work or leave the kids. But this will help you with your budget. About 40% of your guests will be able to attend which may leave some important ones out. So make sure to ask the wedding party and close family first before picking a date!

WARM WEATHER= You can get married in January and have a warm weather! Forget the coats, tights and heaters, you can be worry free about your guests freezing at your outdoor wedding.

Did you say yes to all of these things?! Then you need to check out a destination wedding! Most major hotels can accommodate your stay for you and guests as well as minor wedding planning. Or check out a local planner and bring them with you. I know having someone to go to that knows you and your style is always helpful and they can be your go to person incase you don’t end up clicking with the on site staff coordinator. Also check out your local travel agent- they know lots of great star hotels and venues that can accommodate your style, size and location for your next destination wedding!!

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