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Picking a Venue

We have found many Southern girls dream about their wedding and especially where they will be getting married. Some know exactly where it will be but for some have no idea! Your venue will set the tone for your whole wedding. This can make the theme, colors, attire and overall party! We have come up with a couple of things you should check on before signing on the dotted line…

1. How many people are you having?! This will determine what size venue can hold all your guests. Before even going to look at any space you need to make sure they can accommodate your big or small event. Nothing is worse than having a place where you can’t host your dream event because of the size. If it is your dream place- maybe this will help you cut down your guest list.

2. Will you be having your ceremony and reception at the same place? If so you will need to make sure there is enough space and a rain plan if it is outside. Do you have to get extra chairs or carry them over from the ceremony to the reception. Make sure these questions are accounted for in the initial meeting.

3. Uncover any hidden fees and restrictions Will you be charged if you bring in your own caterer/bartender, baker etc.? They might charge you for the corkage fee or cake cutting fee. If you don’t like what they have in house sometimes it is worth it to pay the extra fee. Make sure you can find out as much as possible before signing. Rentals included, noise curfew, breakage fee. These are important questions you need to make sure to read the fine print.

4. Preferred Vendor List This is when the venue has worked on several occasions with a caterer, baker, DJ and knows their work value. This is good when you aren’t sure where to start when choosing a vendor. Make sure to meet with them before and make sure they fit your style and personality.

5. How to find a venue We recommend going to a local Bridal Show so you can meet and see what venues are out there as well as local bridal magazines. Now with the internet you can find anything in seconds so check out their reviews.

Hopefully these are some helpful tips when choosing your wedding venue. As a planner we know many venues and the ins and outs as well and can be a huge resource for you as well~!

Photo Credit- Ann’s Photography, Critsey Rowe Photography, Love Shutter, Grace Hill Photography

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