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5 kitchen design must haves after a redesign

Updated: Mar 3

Learn from us, we have refreshed our kitchen several times revamping it to make it more accommodating as well as aesthetically pleasing. Moving into our home we knew it had good bones but the design was very dated. Taking out the dark colors, lighting up everything we could. Updating the countertops to quartzite and backsplash helped brighten up the space. We didn't go with any bold patterns and thankful we didn't because I would have already been bored with the design. There is nothing boring about a classy white style kitchen.

Here are 5 tips that I am glad we upgraded in our kitchen. Starting from the least expensive to the biggest investment:

*Get the Pot Filler. You won't regret it , it looks good, and its functional. If you already have the area in construction then get it done.

*Change your hardware. It's usually a simple but effective change. Just updating the color or styles can update something, especially if the holes on the cabinets meet up it's a win win.

*Update your lighting. There were no access to pendant lights we had to rewire some things (I mean my husband). This was a must for me over the middle island. So cutting into the ceiling and closing up the hole to make room for now 2 pendants was worth it. Even as I sit here and know we still need to repaint the ceiling, LOL. It just brings all of the kitchen together. Our island is not as long as some popular ones you may see now- we have more of a square so I was limited on the sizing and spacing but if sized out properly it will make a huge difference on the overall picture. I decided on clear glass so I could see through it and not block anything.

*Splurge on new range hood. We went with a local company called Hoodsly- so glad we did because they let you customize it and we picked it up in our truck. We left the wood raw and had our kitchen painter match it perfectly. We love this statement piece and draws your eyes up.

*Paint the cabinets. Yes, it is expensive, but if done right it's worth the investment. You are in your kitchen everyday, multiple times a day. Even if you aren't a chef or even like to cook, most people spend a lot of time in that space. Be happy gathering around your kitchen with a color you want to look at. We liked our painter because it's all sprayed which has a 10 year warranty- check them out on instagram @SprayNetCarolinas. Sometimes you can not rip out all of your cabinetry so painting what you have works great if your product you have is sturdy and good quality.

Let us know if you liked any of these ideas and show us your before and after pictures!

Here is our before picture so you have some reference!

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