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Inspiration & Beyond

I received my bachelor of Science from UNCG for Fashion Design, worked in NYC for internship and loved it so much I stayed to work with some fashion designers. I decided to move back home to Charlotte, NC in 2008 during the job recession and began working within wedding industry. I worked at a bridal shop, party rental store and ended with doing sales for a Bridal show company. I really loved doing sales and also being able to help design lots of events. But I wanted more, so with my mom we started planning events on the side. My boss retired and I continued on my own with my company Heidi Crowder Wedding Design as a full wedding and event planner. Until Covid hit. It changed everything, nothing was the same and I really fell out of love with it.

My passion has always been in design and anything creative. My husband and I enjoy being able to make our house function for us. With my husbands knowledge in building science together we are always fixing up our place and helping others with theirs. When I am not with my boys I am crafting, dreaming about 30A our favorite beach or traveling to new places. 

My instagram covers a number of projects we have taken on for our latest home, and in each post I try to share my knowledge through storytelling and visuals. For me, knowing that there are people who are as passionate about my interests as I am means everything, and it’s exciting to see where this new adventure brings my next season of life. 

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